Wu Liang Ye 500ml

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  • Wu Liang Ye 500ml
  • Wu Liang Ye 500ml
  • Wu Liang Ye 500ml
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Wuliangye liquor brewed with 5 grains is appraised as magic liquor of China. As a typical representative of fragrand Da Qu liquor, Quliangye is the aggregate of the quintessence of the heaven, the earth and the human. Brewed with 5 choice grains including bromcorn, glutinous rice, rice, wheat and corn, by adopting traditional techniques, Wuliangye liquor is uniquely characterized by "lasting aroma, mellow and luscious taste, harmonious and just- right flavor", which enables it to be supereminent among the liquor products of today. Wuliangye liquor was awarded the gold prize "National Famous Liquor" for many times. In 1991, Wuliangye liquor was appraised as one of the "Top 10 Well known Trademarks" of China. In 1995, Wulliangye liquor was awarded the only gold prize for liquor products at Panama International Exposition, it was the second time Wuliangye was awarded such unusual glory since the first time it was in 1915, 80 years ago. upt to present, Wuliangye liquor has been awarded 39 international gold prizes.

The unique materials and techniques for production and the favorable ecological environment endow with Wuliangye liquor "lasting flavors, mellow and luscious tastes, harmonious flavors, just-right and rich flavors" and make Wuliangye liquor a classical works of liquor products.


Alcohol % : 52%
Size : 500ml
Made : China
Type :  Chinese spirits

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