Order Status



  • Awaiting Payment — customer has completed checkout process, but payment has yet to be confirmed.
  • Awaiting Fulfillment — waiting on extra information to process the order.
  • Packing — order is packed and waiting for courier pickup. Order will stay in " Packing " status until courier picks up the package.
  • Awaiting Pickup — order has been packed, and is awaiting customer pickup at our retail store.
  • Partially Shipped — only some items in the order have been shipped, due to some products being pre-order only or other reasons
  • Shipped or Completed — order has been picked up by our courier company, you would receive a email from our courier company with a tracking number via email. Alternatively you can log into your account and under View Orders screen you will be able to track your order.
  • Cancelled or Declined — The order has been cancelled due to a number of reasons. ( out of stock / no payment / no Identification )
  • Refunded — Refund of your order.
  • Verification Required — orders on hold and our friendly staff will be in contact to verify some information.