Wenjun 500ml

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  • Wenjun 500ml
  • Wenjun 500ml


White spirits permeate every aspect of Chinese culture. Quality spirits are indispensable in special occasions, when celebrating festivals, receiving guests, and for inspiration when writing. With an increase in focus on high-quality and healthy lifestyle, there has been a commensurate increase in demand for high-end white spirits.

The all-new Wenjun Spirit leads the pack in the Chinese high-end liquor market with its rich history and pure quality.

Born into a rich family more than 2000 years ago, Zhuo Wenjun created today's Wenjun Spirit through the great tale of an unbridled love. Wenjun is the first famous wine seller in recorded Chinese history, and she has also been extolled by later generations for her courage and wisdom.

Originating in the wine county of Qiong Lai, Wenjun White Spirit's brewing process has always pursued excellence. Relying on a favorable climate and geographical conditions, a long distilling history, and continually improving traditional distilling technology, Wenjun White Spirit's pure and fragrant taste, after being fermented in pits is favored by those who pursue excellence.

Moët Hennessy, a global leader with experience in high quality alcoholic beverages, saw the value of Wenjun White Spirits in the personal charm of its founder Wenjun, and Qiong Lai's favorable and geographical conditions, has partnered with Chinese white spirits leader Jiannanchun to make Wenjun into China's premier luxury white spirit brand.

Today's Wenjun is a brand with new emotional image, not only embodying China's rich history, but also reflecting authenticity, passion, daring, vision and admiration. Wenjun's brand advocates pursuing dreams with courage and wisdom.


Alcohol % : 52%
Size : 500ml
Made : China
Type :  Chinese Spirits

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