Nikka Yoichi NAS 700ml

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Nikka Single Malt Yoichi Whisky

Golden honey colour. Rich barley, ripened orchard fruit, subtle peat nose. On the palate, oak, peat, candied orange peel, ripened stone fruit. The finish? Lingering, earthy, smoked tea.

Established in 1934, the Yoichi distillery continues to adhere to traditional Scotch whisky techniques, such as the use of coal-fired pot stills – a practice that is rarely seen in whisky-making in Scotland any more.

Producer's Tasting Note:
Nose: Full-bodied, smooth. A mellow peat softly coats the aromatic palette at first, growing more powerful with time, as smoke, soot and salty notes transcend the initial nose. The aromas then evolve towards candied citrus fruit (lemon, orange), black liquorice and spices (nutmeg, ginger), and opens up with roots and dried twig aromas. Heady and floral (carnation, iris), it grows increasingly complex.
Palate: Firm, powerful. A well-balanced attack gives equal footing to aromas of peat, smoke, spices, fresh fruit (melon, kiwi) and nuts (almond, walnut), which it delivers in spades. The mid-palate starts off with chocolate notes, but the peat soon takes the lead once again.
Finish: Long, silky. Extremely mature, it overflows with ripe fruit (pear, Mirabelle plum, apple). The peat starts taking on an herbaceous and malty character, while the salty flavours gives the finish plenty of depth and coastal freshness. The final nose offers menthol, spicy (coriander, dill) and earthy (leather, chestnuts) notes.


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