Suntory The Chita Whisky 700ml

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Suntory The Chita Whisky.

This is a single grain whisky from the Chita peninsula in Aichi Prefecture (near Okazaki, or Mikawa region, famous for brewing soy sauce, making miso and arguably Japan's best macha). This distillery has very much 'flown under the radar'. Suntory even asked Nonjatta, the premium Japanese whisky blog, to leave it off their map of Japanese distilleries.

It is famous for being one of the blends used in the making of Suntory's famous 'Hibiki' harmony. It's place in the harmony is to balance out the heavier blends with its lightness. In our range at SuperSake it is the ying to the Kirin Sanjuroku's yang. But as we are not whisky professionals we have included some quotes from a publication that is very good in their description of whiskies. (We recommend them highly, along with Nonjatta).

700ml, Alcohol: 43%

"Colour: pale gold, ripe corn. On the nose: lovely fresh, tropical sweetness to this. Mango juice. Lemon meringue pie. Then comes the normal syrupy sweetness one associates with grain. Solvent, fizzy sweets – Love Hearts. Sticky toffee pudding.

In the mouth: excellent chewy yet light texture. It’s like eating dessert out on the porch in the summer sun. All of the nose comes through cleanly: again, tropical juices, almost like some mango-based cocktail. Limes. Grappa. And then come the sugars: light honey. Gentle wood spices drawn out for the finish, with just the slightest hint of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Light is the word of the day with this one. Elegant and approachable, deliciously sweet stuff. ...

Whatever these elusive Japanese wizards are up to at Chita, it’s damn good stuff."


The Chita 知多日本威士忌 


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