Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur - 500ml

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First introduced in 1994, Sheridan’s is a genuinely imaginative addition to the spirits range. The bottle is divided vertically, with one side containing the ready-blended, real Irish whiskey and dark coffee, and the other filled with the liqueur. Pour straight from the bottle to combine the two. Or they can be added separately, depending on how you wish to serve and share with guests.


Sheridan’s is produced in Dublin using real Irish whiskey. It’s an innovative take on the classic Irish Coffee mixed drink, which blends dark coffee and whiskey with a pour of cream floated on top. The Irish Coffee was in fact invented by another Sheridan – bartender Joe Sheridan at Foynes airport near the present-day Shannon airport in 1942. Over half a century later the Sheridan’s innovation in a bottle arrived to great acclaim, and a popularity that has grown ever since.

How to enjoy

Serve in a Rocks glass or tumbler by first pouring in the black liqueur, and then gently floating the white liqueur on the surface of the liquid. This makes the perfect layered drink, Irish Coffee-style, and you can garnish with white and dark chocolate pieces. Enjoy the richness of the white chocolate, and then a refined, deliciously bitter edge from the combination of Irish whiskey and coffee that next reaches the palate. Or pour together in a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans for an elegant, longer drink.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 15.5%
Size : 500ml
Made : Ireland
Type :  Liqueur

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