Intrigue Passion Fruit 375ml

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  • Intrigue Passion Fruit
  • Intrigue Passion Fruit


Intrigue, a liqueur made from an intriguingly secret blend of exotic passion fruits.

The taste of intrigue can only be described as purely seductive. Not too sweet, but with a burst of truly intriguing exotic passion flavours. You can try to guess what fruits are used in this mixture, but that is Intrigue's secret making it so very different from any other liqueur on the market today. Intrigue can be enjoyed simply on ice or as the main ingredient for a number of new and reinvented cocktails. Intrigue can be enjoyed with Tequila, Rum, Gin or Champagne among others.

Even the intrigue bottle whispers sexy. Its curvaceous bottom and just-long-enough neck lead to a crown of gold, enticing you to open and sample the secret it holds. The colour of Intrigue is reminiscent of the way the sunlight in the tropics turn the sea into an inviting glittering green pool, just begging you to dive in and enjoy. 



Product Information

Alcohol % :í«í_íëíˆ 17% 

Size :í«í_íëíˆ 375ml 

Made :í«í_íëíˆ France 

Type :í«í_íë툠Liqueur

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