Laphroaig Laphroaig 33 Year Old The Ian Hunter Story Book #3 700ml

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  •  Laphroaig Laphroaig 33 Year Old The Ian Hunter Story Book #3 700ml
  •  Laphroaig Laphroaig 33 Year Old The Ian Hunter Story Book #3 700ml


Introducing the third release in our Ian Hunter series: a 33-year-old non-chill altered whisky with creamy liquorice notes, fully matured in ex-Bourbon barrels so that Laphroaig‘s characteristic peatiness shines through.

The third release of the Ian Hunter Series is to celebrate the legacy of the last of the Johnston family to own and manage the Laphroaig® distillery, and his fight to protect the Kilbride Stream. This is a story of uncompromising guardianship and a battle between neighbours, over every distillery’s essential lifeblood, its source of water.

Set into a beautifully crafted book that will document a part of Ian’s rich legacy, every year a new chapter will be told, uncovering the extensive history behind Laphroaig® and the characters who created it. Making this a collection unlike any other, and one that is treasured by Laphroaig® fans across the world. Distinctive, this third release, a 33 year old non-chill filtered whisky, fully matured in ex-bourbon barrels, make this third book a truly unique peated single malt whisky.

We’ve found that to get the most out of the whisky – to really see the colour, breathe in the aroma, dive into the complex layers of flavour, and fully taste the long finish of this expression – the right glassware is essential. A tulip-shaped snifter glass of uncut lead crystal is ideal. Fill the glass with Laphroaig® 33-Year-Old Single Malt at room temperature. If you’re going to dilute the liquid with water, we’d recommend soft Scottish water, but really any good, cool but unchilled water will do.

"The nose is rather grassy and herbal, with fruity notes of green apple, pear skin and campfire smoke. The palate is a striking balance of fresh herbs such as sage, tarragon, dill, and thyme mixed with hints of baked apples and pears as well as smoked ham and cloves (think savory fruit tart baked with lardons and herbs). It's surprisingly bright, with fresh fruitiness poking through and only a subtle puff of sweet smoke. The finish is long and delicate, with salty fruit notes mingling with the fading smoke." - Amanda Schuster, Distiller

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