Nikka All Malt

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Nikka's All Malt Whiskey is made by blending barley malt distilled in pot stills at Yoichi distillery with barley malt (instead of grain whisky that contains mostly corn) distilled in Coffey stills at Miyagikyo distillery. This whisky is bottled at 80 proof with no age statement.


Tasting Notes

Nose: a very candied profile with marshmallow and vanilla. Some lemon sweets. Ripe apples and cinnamon. Honey. A bit of creamy toffee as well (hints of Baileys). Some tobacco, leather and the lightest hint of smoke.

Mouth: a shy attack, very mellow and again very creamy. Barley sugar. Notes of raisins. A bit too sweet maybe. Oily aftertaste.

Finish: rather short with some honeysuckle, wood and coconut.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 40%
Size : 700ml
Made : Japan
Type :  Blended Whisky

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