Prince Polignac XO

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A magical peek into the world of old cognacs. The stunning array of aromas testifies to its long maturation in barrels. Spices, woody vanilla, honey, cinnamon and dried fruit are all on the menu. 


Blend crafted when new eaux-de-vie are selected. The eaux-de-vie first spend 10 to 14 months in new oak casks (heavy toast). Next come 9 years of maturing in red (aged) casks. The step-by-step ageing process gradually brings the alcohol content from 55°, when the spirit first goes into barrels, down to 40°. There are four ageing steps, with a tasting session at each phase (55°, 47°, 43°, 40°).


Product Information

Alcohol % : 40%
Size : 700ml
Made : France
Type :  Cognac

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