Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition

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  • Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition
  • Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition


In celebration of the House’s Tricentenary, the House of Martell has created a dazzling interpretation of the classic Martell XO decanter. The arched shaped is recognisable, with fine silver lines on the entire surface of the carafe to represent the ‘lifelines’ of oak wood. There is also the profile of the swift in flight, the Martell emblem.

The tip of the cork is adorned with a cabochon carved from the very same tree that was used to make the aging barrels and engraved with the tricentenary emblem.

Sitting beside the decanter is the exclusive Martell Tricentenary blend, in a beautiful 10cl montre, a miniature bottle distillers traditionally present their samples in.



Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition is a fitting tribute to Martell’s most trustworthy allies since 1715 – time and wood – and a true collector’s item.


A radiant amber color, with copper highlights.


The expressive first nose reveals very subtle notes of cooked stone fruit, especially morello cherry jam.
Swirling releases subtle notes of honey and dried fruit, tinged with beeswax and peppery spices.


The attack is full, fruity notes are enhanced by hints of figs and raisins and woody notes unfold perfectly, creating a rich, structured ensemble. The sensation ends with a perfect length, and a lingering on the palate.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 40%
Size : 700ml
Made : Cognac
Type :  Cognac


Please note that this a vintage bottle, care should be taken when opening vintage bottle. As such, the item is sold as described.

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