Martell L'Or de Jean Martell 200ml

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  • Martell L'or
  • Martell L'or
  • Martell L'or


L'Or de Jean Martell owes its charactor to aged eaux-de-vie from the borderies which lend richness and complexity. The borderies, Cognac's most exclusive growth, yield the refined eaux-de-vie that are the hallmark of Martell. As they mature, thier candied-fruit notes offset the power and depth of the Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. A blend of serveral hundred eaux-de-vie, some of which have aged over a century like a hidden treasure deep in the house cellars, L'Or de Jean Martell is the culmination of a quest for perfection lasting three hundred years.


Colour : an intense amber with hints of shimmering mahogany.


Nose : elegance and complexity of its aromas: orange peel and prune, with hints of cinnamon, cumin and gingerbread. When swirled, there follow venerable notes of Oriental forest : myrrh, agar wood, rancio, dry walnut.


Taste : at first, smooth and subtle. Then the flavours develop and the aroma, punctuated with notes of blackcurrant, rancio and dried fruits, becomes full-biodied and intense. The tasting culminates with an extraordinary cascade of notes of bitter orange peel, prunes, spices, gingerbread. Beautifully long finish.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 40%
Size : 200ml
Made : France
Type :  Cognac

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