Demon Slayer 'Onigoroshi'

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  • Demon Slayer 'Onigoroshi'
  • Demon Slayer 'Onigoroshi'


  • Grade: Junmai
  • Seimaibuai: 70%
  • Acidity: N/A
  • Amino Acitidy: N/A
  • Nihonshudo: +4
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Rice: Rice, Yeast & Koji Mold
  • Kobo: N/A
  • Brewer: Kizakura Shuzo
  • Origin: Kyoto

Once upon a time, in the country of the rising sun, there was sake called “ONIGOROSHI”. Its flavour being so enticing and delectable that often a group of evil Oni (Japanese Demons) would gather to drink this sake together in such quantity, until they all passed out and would then be set upon and dispatched back to the underworld by the local villagers. This is the Original story of the Demon Slayer sake, “ONIGOROSHI” meaning “Demon Slayer”. This delicious sake is clean, fruity & dry Junmai (Premium) sake that can be matched with a variety of Japanese/Asian influenced dishes, such as fresh oysters with lemon soy sauce, sushi, sashimi or even wagyu beef carpaccio with ponzu sauce. Drink chilled (8 Œ_íìí_) or warm (40 Œ_íìí_) as you prefer.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 13.5%
Size : 720ml
Made : Japan
Type :  Sake

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