Otard Extra 700ml

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ABV | 40%

Otard Cognacs are renowned for thier character and elegant style, giving smoothness, balance, a long finish and floral flavour particularly due to the long ageing of the finest vintages in outstanding cellars, and to the experience of our Cellar Master who takes very special care in selecting the very best eaux-de-vie before laying them down to age in the cellars of the Chateau.


The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged in the unique cellars of the Chateau, provide the fullness of the blend for BARON OTARD EXTRA 1795 Cognac. This is the result of all the experience, patience and savoir-faire of the BARON OTARD Cellar Master.

BARON OTARD EXTRA 1795 offers a rich, complex bouquet of dried fruits (prunes, grapes and hazelnuts), orange peel and cigar box. This profusion of aromas has a long finish with an extraordinarily rich taste due to the mellowness of the Grande Champagne. Its gold and ruby colour is the sign of its long years of maturing.

As with any exceptional cognac, this rare blend is to be enjoyed neat.


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