Batlow Premium Cider

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Batlow Premium Cider is made from a carefully selected blend of the best quality Australian-grown Batlow Apples. Every apple that goes into a bottle of Batlow Premium Cider has been hand-picked from within a 30km radius of the Batlow Post Office Box. Their minimal intervention approach to cider-making ensures there are 3½ Batlow Apples in every bottle, resulting in one of the freshest tasting ciders on the market and contains no added sugar or concentrates, and is gluten free.

Batlow Premium Cider gives a mild, yet refreshing sweetness with distinctive, crisp apple notes upfront followed by a light grip on the back palate and a very clean medium-dry finish, resulting in a well-balance, fresh tasting cider. Batlow Premium Cider has an ABV of 5.2%.

Batlow is a small country town of approximately 1,500 people, located between Sydney and Melbourne in the Snowy Mountains region. The Batlow Fruit Cooperative was established in 1922 and today remains 100% Australian & grower owned.


Clean-filtered & refreshingly crisp. Rich, fresh & fragrant apple notes are combined with a hint of earthiness and medium-dry finish. Best served without ice.


  • 100% Independent & grower owned
  • Handcrafted from 100% Batlow apples grown in the Snowy Mountains Region of NSW
  • 3 1/2 apples in every bottle
  • No added sugar or concentrate
  • Available in 330mL bottle & fresh from the keg!
  • Batlow since 1922


Product Information

Alcohol % : 5.2%
Size : 330ml
Made : Australia
Case :  24 Bottles

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