Saigon Special Green 330ml Bottles- Case

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SAIGON SPECIAL is a lager beer with a 100% malt, hops, yeast and water. No rice. No preservatives and almost zero calories. SAIGON SPECIAL is  produced in SABECO's modern production lines and coupled with avant garde fermentation technology and lubricated with their long tradition of creating a delicious taste and unique product different from other beers on the market. 

The 100% malt formula gives SAIGON SPECIAL the full flavour, effervescent sunrise colour and brewery fresh clarity. Essential oils of the special hops guarantee SAIGON SPECIAL's inimitable flavour and aroma. 

Air-tight seals, pasteurisation and refrigeration is all you need to enjoy SAIGON SPECIAL's unrivalled freshness, an eminent element in creating a great and first class drinking experience. The taste of success.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 4.9%
Size : 330ml
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Case : 24 Bottles

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