Kirin Ichiban 500ml ( Japan Imported ) - Case

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Quality comes first at Kirin and always has. By satisfying beer drinkers with a varied range of high quality products, the company has fostered and maintained the loyalty of a growing customer base around the World.


We use the world's finest ingredients, applying the most advanced technology and quality control systems to produce superlative beers.


Kirin Ichiban is brewed from only malt, hops and water. Unlike other beers, only the first press of the wort is used. That's why it's called Ichiban – meaning "first" and "best" in Japanese. "Ichiban Shibori" is a unique method of brewing beer at its purest from a single pure ingredient: 100% malt. This one-and-only technique gives Kirin Ichiban a unique taste and flavor found nowhere else in the world.



Product Information

Alcohol % : 5%
Size : 500ml
Country of Origin : Japan
Case : 12 Longnecks

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