Ardmore Highland Traditional Cask

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Traditional Methods



Founded in 1898 by one of Scotland’s most famous whisky families, we continue to have an unshakable belief in our traditional distilling methods.

We insist that all Ardmore expressions use the aromatic smoke from natural, highland peat fires to dry our barley. We are now the only Highland distillery that insists on fully peating our standard malt and we will never change.

The fermentation vessels we use are crafted from Oregon pine. It is true that they are more labour intensive but they impart a flavour that stainless steel vessels (now widely used) can never give.

Our traditional methods also extend to maturation. Traditional cask is double fermented first in the usual oak casks but then a second time in much smaller hand crafted “Quarter Casks” they were common a hundred years ago but have been largely ignored due to their high cost of construction. This intense secondary maturation gives the deeper smother flavour our whisky is renowned for.

Finally we bottle at the higher strength of 46% ABV (or higher). Ardmore is only barrier rather than mechanically “chill” filtered thus preserving all the natural flavours.

These traditional methods combined create a uniquely complex and rewarding Highland malt that continues to be awarded Gold medals year after year.


Tasting Notes for Ardmore Traditional Cask Highland Single Malt



Colour: Burnished Gold Nose At bottle strength the influence of the two styles of maturation casks compliment each other producing a full bodied smooth aroma. The maturity that shows through comes from the America barrels and the spicy creamy nose from the old style smaller casks. A touch of water allows the full complexity of the Highland Peated Malt to appear. The rich softness linked with smooth, slightly dry aroma is combined with just enough earthy peat smoke to avoid being overpowering.

Palate: At bottle strength the full rich flavours burst and fill the mouth with a creamy peat tang and a touch of vanilla’s soft gentleness. If a touch of water is added then the flavours increase with the addition of a sweet ripe fruit start followed by the tang of peat.

Nose: Full, succulent and quite long. The full bodied smoothness can be best appreciated at bottling strength but with a touch of water the full complexity can be recognized


Product Information

Alcohol % : 46%
Size : 700ml
Made : Scotland
Type : Single Malt Whisky

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