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Proudly mauritian, Phoenix Beer has a unique, unrivalled taste which symbolizes the mauritian lifestyle.

Launched in 1963, Phoenix has ever since become the award winning mauritian beer and has succeeded in charming beer lovers the world over.

Our secret lies in the finest ingredients used in the production of this 5% alcohol golden lager.  The finest malted spring barley from Australia and Europe are brewed as per natural conservation methods, with our old age traditions but with today’s advanced technology. The maturity period is strictly monitored before the beer is bottled or canned.

Our iconic lager has for long been associated with mauritian pride and has remained in the hearts of all with the famous tagline “Nou Pays. Nou Labiere” (Our Country, Our Beer).

Alcohol % : 5.0%
Size : 330ml cans
Made : Mauritius
Case of : 24 Bottles
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