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Bintang Beer is a lager type of beer. The distinctive taste of Bintang comes from its quality ingredients and meticulous brewing process. Famed for its modest ester aroma, mild hoppy flavor and bitterness as well as a crisp and refreshing aftertaste, this 4.7%-alcohol beer has been serving as a local favorite for over 80 years. Bintang is brewed from selected malt, hops and water and processed with high quality standard.

To keep satisfying the thirst for quality brews, we remain steadfast in delivering the superior taste of Bintang that has long been appreciated by our customers and consumers who made Bintang, the beer of Indonesia today.

Bintang achieved another milestone when it was declared the “Champion Beer winner” and the Gold Medal winner in the competition of small pack lager segment at the Brewing Industry International Awards 2011, a competition often referred to as “the Oscar of the Brewing Industry.” The award recognizes Bintang as a beer of outstanding quality. Before winning its BIIA Gold medal, from 1981 – 1986 Bintang also won six Gold Medals from Monde Selection, a highly recognised International Institute for Quality Selection.

It does not stop there, Bintang continues to win more Local and International recognition from reputable institutions.

Today Bintang remain the no.1 Indonesia’s most favorite beer, and is available throughout the Indonesian archipelago from Sabang in the West to Papua in the East.


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Alcohol % : 4.7%
Size : 330ml
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Quantity : 6 Pack

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