Doss Blockos Rare Pilsner 500ml

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...when they ripped down our Condos beneath the subways. They never accepted that man is an animal that will do what is necessary for food and shelter, independence is his fire but we formed community for support... in the rare hours, when lifhg filters through the grates from their streets and mixes into our darkness, we could see the colour of what we were brewing. ...but not from Bushwick. We know about the pilsner that the others had smuggled through the tunnels from under St Mark's cause there's a thread between us all down here... memory is stained in the bricks and concrete.


Doss Blockos Rare Pilsner has been scarcely brewed with the infredients it's made from, producing only as much as we've got...



Doss Blocks Rare Pilsner has been brewed using the time-honoured traditional Pilsner method. Using foru different varieties of hops along the way, it arrives at a destination that all palates will appreciate.

At 4.6% ABV, you'll notice just the right amount of floral aroma and spice before the clean, sharp finish hits you...


Alcohol % : 4.6% ABV
Size : 500ml bottles
Made : Australia
Case of : 12 Bottles
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