Juyondai Unfiltered Muroka Nakadori Junmai 十四代 無濾過 中取り 1800ml

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SAKE 日本清酒
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The Juyondai Junmai Muroka Nakadori Sake is one of the finest sake from Juyondai, a well-known brand from Yamagata Prefecture, an area in Japan popular for its mountains, hot springs, and temples. This Japanese rice wine uses the variety of rice called Miyama Nishiki, a special rice that has large and white-core grains. It is polished down to 70 percent, that means 30 percent of the whole rice grain has been polished off.

The Juyondai Junmai Muroka Nakadori Sake is the unfiltered type and but it has been pressed, giving out a clear texture in its liquid. Since it is produced from the middle yield in the pressing process, it has a very silky texture and the very pure smell of high-grade sake. This Japanese rice wine combines the sweet and enticing aroma of melon and stone fruit with a very slight hint of flowers. It is very smooth and glides easily on the throat and recommended to be served warm or at room temperature.


原装进口清酒 藏


十四代 無濾過 中取り


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