Lick Pier Ginger Beer - Case

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... live on this beach, surfing and selling and surviving like we want to and we shot a few hundred foot of 16mm somewhere from Olivia's Place, Soul Kitchen, all the way down to Venice Beach... never knew how much ginger beer we brewed in any of the houses around the neighbourhood, but we took whatever we could carry under the pier, until it burnt down again along with some of ....

Lick Pier has been made with the same inspiration and ginger that has always produced the spice and dryness that we wanted.

Lick Pier is a refreshingly dry alcoholic Ginger Beer made in an untraditional manner, but with a traditional taste that'll make you ask, ' whats going on here? '.


Alcohol % : 4.0%

Size : 660ml bottles

Made : Australia

Quantity : 12 Bottles 

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