Sample Brew Pale Ale - 6 Pack

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The first-born Sample. The beer that started it all. The recipe that went through 1,759 scraps of paper and greyed the hair of its maker.

Batch No. 1 is a respectful nod to American Pale Ale beer. Sample has taken the core of this classic and added a hint of novelty from uniquely sourced hops. A citrus & stone fruit aroma is balanced with a malty drive and hoppy bitterness.

Sample is brewed under the Reinheitsgebote, a purity law that stipulates the only ingredients that can be used are barley, hops, water and yeast. It’s a law by which Sample abides to create slowly-brewed quality, all the time.


Great taste, made slow

From classic to experimental recipes, Sample brings you diverse flavours from batch to batch. Focusing on slowly brewed quality and natural ingredients, Sample creates exemplary beer that is made for the art of conversation.


Product Information

Alcohol % : 5%
Size : 330ml
Country of Origin : Australia
Quantity : 6 Pack


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